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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

By (Lake) George!

On the news today, I heard that Lake George was dubbed a national and international destination, the only one in upstate New York (according to CBS news this midday). There are two parts to this. One I agree with and the other I don't.
I totally agree that Lake George is an international destination. Hell, I've seen people in my travels to Egypt and Europe wearing Lake George apparel. It's kinda (Really) cool. And it attracts people for all the right reasons: it's a beautiful setting where people and families can enjoy themselves - whether it's hiking to the top of Sleeping Beauty, taking a trip on the Mini ha ha steamboat cruise, eating along the boardwalk, or paragliding on the lake (which I really want to try sometime).
And it's obviously the theme park capital of the world, or at least of upstate New York, with Water Slide World, Great Escape, Magic Kingdom- just to name a few. Kids in the Capital - Saratoga region are lucky to be near this location since it's close for families, not to mention school trips.
Though, I'm not too happy with the Six Flags corporation these days. Twenty-dollars for parking across from Great Escape? What? I remember when that was just a grassy, muddy, free field.
Oh well.
Lake George obviously mainly a summer location but I've had just as much fun there in the winter with their annual Winter festival and Polar Bear swimming, which I've done seven times though I missed doing it this past New Year's Day. Planning to go back next year with my new polar bear sled.
And I still want to check out the year-round water park at Great Escape Lodge, even if they are owned by the greedy Six Flags people.
The one thing I did not agree with in today's news report was that it was the only place worthy of international recognition in upstate New York. Hello? Lake George is just barely inside the Adirondack Park borders and it only gets better as you go north to the Keene Valley area. Then there's the Ausable Chasm, the Finger Lakes, and, am I missing anything? Oh right, that little dripping water and hydroelectricity source called Niagara Falls, which has some pretty cool nearby attractions too.
I wish I could find the report CBS cited but I couldn't, otherwise I would Facebook friend the source and yell at them profusely. But, since I can't, I'll just get off my soapbox now.


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