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Friday, March 25, 2011

Wiseman say: Watch hockey!

In lieu of venturing out into the not-quite-winter-but-not-quite-spring outdoors this weekend, I recommend expanding your horizons by popping some popcorn, making pizza, and watching some good ol’ fashioned hockey on the boob-tube.
Yes, I am a travel enthusiast but I’m also a lifelong RPI hockey fan and they’re playing Saturday starting at 1:30pm (EST). The great local monopolized TV provider that is Time Warner cable is graciously showing it on TW-Channel 3. I’ll admit, not a huge fan of Time Warner as a company (they’ve laid off a couple of my friends, continue to raise prices and they really are basically a monopoly despite the recent Fios TV announcement) but…they do show some good hockey games on Channel 3.
You’ve probably never even noticed Channel 3 but they have a lot of local sports coverage. I wouldn't know if they covered Jimmer or not...that was kinda off my radar. And now that that craze is done...I'm sure you are all looking for something to do.
So, I submit for your approval watching RPI battle North Dakota in the NCAA Midwest Regional. For the love of the game, I’ll even recommend watching Union play Minnesota-Duluth (that game is going on as I type and Union is losing by one point thus far).
If anything feel free to crash on my couch, though I’m sure your own will be much more comfortable.


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