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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is your car covered during a state of emergency?

So, I was out for my boyfriend's birthday recently with his mom and step-father. We got to talking about the recent flooding and his step-dad brought up how he heard car insurance, in a state of emergency, will not cover a car if it is damaged.

Apparently, this isn't entirely true but he was partially-right, according to this website.

A car insurance agency cannot deny coverage without proper notice - however, if the driver is disobeying a mandated curfew or driving during a time when non-emergency vehicles are not allowed on the road, then the car insurance provider could possibly not be liable for coverage.

Something to think about during the next state of emergency. And now that we've had a hurricane, tropical storm, earthquake, and tornado....I guess the next disaster scheduled will be a volcanic eruption, in a dormant nearby volcano, if that exists, somehow.

(photo from Carlo Allegri, Reuters)


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