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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Travel Bloggers Needed for Free National Park Trip

Ok, who wants to be in my "group" to apply for this great opportunity for an all-expense paid trip to either Olympic, Glen Canyon, or Mesa Verde National Parks?

Basically, a group of four is needed to apply for the American Latino Expedition which is meant to help diversify the tourists visiting these parks. (And, you actually don't have to be Latino to apply - but probably couldn't hurt.)

(From a trip I took to Mesa Verde this time last year)

From the site (which has the application and more info):

"Expenses, including air travel, lodging and most on-site tour and excursion fees will be covered by ALHF and Expedition partners, ARAMARK Parks and Destinations and REI.
The groups selected will serve as ALHF Ambassadors to our national parks by participating in social media activities that bring these parks to all communities across the country. As part of the experience, bloggers selected to participate will be asked to:
  • Blog about their experiences on their personal websites and share content on and on our partners' websites.
  • Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube their entire experience! Once bloggers are selected and announced, we will work with each group to share all aspects of their trip and expedition experience with followers and friends on social media.
  • Participate in media interviews regarding the @American_LatinoExpedition for regional and national audiences."
Applications are due by June 14.

I'm in. Who's with me?

My top choice, btw, would be Olympic National Park.


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