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Monday, June 3, 2013

Goosebumps TV Show on Netflix

I'm usually here to promote going out into the world to go on adventures, and trying new things. But, sometimes, you just need a down day.

And, for your next reboot-for-next-adventure day (RFNA Day....kinda like the NRA, but not), may I suggest checking out Goosebumps on Netflix.

If you grew up in the early-mid-90s, you probably watched this show or at least read the book series.

Personally, I had *all* of the Goosebump books and *all* of the Fear Street books. They're probably one of the reasons I got into reading in the first place - hence - became a writer myself. (Thanks, R.L. Stine!)

Like any childhood TV show - and like anything from the 90s, in general - it's probably going to be a bit cheesy, but also pretty entertaining.

This new Netflix development is making me wish I had kept all my Goosebumps memorabilia - I had a coffin shaped box that Scholastic used to ship one of my first book orders, not to mention the myriad of pencils/pens and other stationary items.

If you're not familiar with Goosebumps, you probably won't like it but - thanks to the power of Netflix - you can watch lots of things, good and bad, and make that decision. The Cliff's notes on the series: kids do bad things and creepy things happen, usually with a twist. And you gotta love the names: ie Say Cheese and Die.

And I always loved entering the contests. Like this current one - which I'm pondering entering at the age of 30, just because.


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