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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Statue of Liberty Reopens on July 4

The National Parks Service has announced that they expect the Statue of Liberty to reopen on July 4. They're open every day except Christmas.

Along with access to the pedestal of Lady Liberty, reservations are being taken to access the crown of the hollow statue as well. The ferry fee is $3 and the fee to the top is $17 - but the unique walk to the top is truly priceless. Hot, yes (no a/c). Tiring, yes (spiral staircase). Seemingly never ending, yes (393 stairs total). But priceless.

The NPS' site emphasizes that very few things are allowed into the Statue of Liberty - just one camera per person, your ticket, and any needed medications. That's it. So, fyi, there are lockers which are $2/ hour.

When reserving, keep in mind that a maximum of four crown reservations are allowed per order and these can be made once every six months. Names on the reservation must match names on photo IDs, except for minors without IDs.

And, finally, yes, there is a security check for entry into the pedestal and another for going up to the crown.

(from the NPS site)

I still remember a field trip to the Statue of Liberty from 5th grade and looking out over the harbor from the Crown. I just saw Lady Liberty while on the cruise we took with Norwegian - they played "Proud to be an American" on the loudspeaker while going by the statue. A little tacky, but a fun/patriotic touch - especially considering many of the crew on board are not from the U.S. and it seemed a good portion of the passengers were also from elsewhere, especially Canada.

Reservations - which are pretty much required - can be made here.

A National Park Pass, by the way, cannot be used at the site, according to the webpage.


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