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Friday, June 7, 2013

Safe Zone Automated Ticket from Baltimore

So, it turns out the flashes I saw while going about 70mph through a construction site outside of Baltimore a little over a month ago was, indeed, a camera taking a picture of my license plate. And here I was hoping I was going fast enough where it would just be blurry.

Actually, I was hoping two things: 1) that the flash was just a reflection of the sun on some nearby metal (as my boyfriend was initially trying to convince me of), or 2) that the camera caught the guy going like 10mph more than me in the middle lane.

Well, that first hope is definitely defunct....Doh.

I got my citation the other day. The nice thing with larger cities though - I feel like the penalties are usually cheaper since they catch more people. It's a $40 ticket - which is supposedly "double" the fine since it was in a construction area, or I think they designated it a "Safe Zone."

Considering the awesome time I had that weekend: we went to Dogfish Head brewery, saw my uncle and aunt at the Dogfish Head pub, stayed with my friend Jess who I hadn't seen in nearly a year, went to my first fashion show, went to the last saloon where Edgar Allen Poe was seen alive and purchased hard-to-find coconut beer. Yeah, I guess all of that is worth $40 to add to the revenue in the Baltimore area.

As for my second hope...still *crossing my fingers* that silver compact car going faster than me in the constrution zone got a Safe Zone citation too.

And, for others traveling through Maryland, if you see a flash behind you after  you've been speeding a bit, more than likely it was not a reflection of the sun. Here's more info on the Automated Speed Enforcement in Work Zones.


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