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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's not Bear Awareness Week, it's Borer Awareness Week

Despite all the sightings of *you know what* (I promised I'd stop writing about it - to myself and my Twitter tweeps), this week coming up is actually Emerald Ash Borer Awareness week.
Not sure what those are? Well, the DEC is trying to make you aware of it.
And, actually, if you'd seen those odd purple kite-looking things, the DEC uses those to try to find and study them.

But check out this site for more info on it.

Or here if you reaaallly care about more news on *you know whats*.

Yankee Trails World Travel Sees an Increase in Bus Bookings

In case you were unaware, there is more to Yankee Trails than buses. But, apparently, Yankee Trails World Travel saw a record number of bus travelers, according to a press release this week:

Capital Region travelers are saving money on gas as the summer travel months approach by booking a record number of trips, according to Yankee Trails World Travel. This May, Yankee Trails World Travel launched its first annual Big Bus Bonanza, providing customers a wide-range of travel packages along with rewards like discounts from area restaurants and entertainment venues.

“Gas prices are affecting everyone and we are feeling this even more as the summer months approach,” said Stephen Tobin, President of Yankee Trails.  “We’ve listened to our customers and witnessed a growing number of people choosing less expensive options for one-day trips.  With this in mind we launched the Big Bus Bonanza and provided additional savings for our guests to the movies at Crossgates Mall, Jack’s Oyster House and Six Flags Great Escape.”

The Big Bus Bonanza has produced an increase in sales of more than 50% compared to last year.  Through the first two weeks, day trips continue to be the most popular, including trips to see sporting events for area Mets, Red Sox and Yankees fans.  Yankee Trails World Travel also offers frequent one-day trips to Foxwoods, Turning Stone, New York City and Boston.  Multi-day trips are available to distant sporting events, popular vacation locations and brand new this year, a two-week journey to Texas.
“As gas prices continue to rise, this is a great opportunity for travelers to still have summer fun, while saving money and receiving voucher packs with great deals to five area businesses,” added Tobin.  “We thought this would be a good opportunity to provide value to our customers and we’re pleased with the initial success.”

In order to receive a voucher pack, customers must book their trip during the month of May, but can travel at any time.  Voucher packs are determined by the amount the customer spends during Big Bus Bonanza and includes discounts on future Yankee Trails World Travel trips, $100 off a Celebrity cruise, Jack’s Oyster House gift cards, and free movie passes.  Any booking that totals more than $200 during Big Bus Bonanza will earn the traveler all discounts and a one-day pass to Six Flags Great Escape.

Restrictions do apply and voucher packs are limited.  Certificates and passes are available on a first come, first served basis and must be picked up at the Yankee Trails World Travel office.

Yankee Trails World Travel has been providing safe, affordable motor coach transportation to patrons in and around Upstate New York. In 1999, the company expanded their services to offer full-service transportation via air and cruise travel packages. The company remains one of the Capital region’s premier family-owned and operated private businesses. The company’s slogan “Let’s Cruise” is very familiar to many Capital Region residents.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

ADK Brewery Expansion

So, I'm going to refer you to another blog from this blog to get a bit more information on the expansion of the Adirondack Brewery in Lake George.
I just heard about it on YNN today and since I've written about them before, I thought I'd follow up on it.
They have such increased demand they have to install new equipment at the Adirondack Brewery.
Here's more from their blog.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

St. Sophia Greek Festival This Week/end

I can't believe it's already that time again for the St. Sophia Greek Festival.

And this year they've add an aspect in which $1 from each sandwich sold Thursday (tomorrow) will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Having just ended my Man & Woman of the Year campaign with LLS, I think it's great that I'm seeing their name out there in the community even more than I did before.

If you can't make it Thursday (Free Admission in the tent - 5pm to 9pm), the festival is also Friday (6pm-11pm), Saturday (noon to 11pm) and Sunday (noon to 7pm). Admission is $3, though you can save $1 with an advance ticket from Price Chopper. It's held at 440 Whitehall Road in Albany.

The festival includes good Greek food (it's when I get my Greek food fix every year for their pastries especially), arts/crafts,  and entertainment for the whole family with carnival rides and cultural dances.


Monday, May 14, 2012

#FlyMeToLondon United Airlines Promotion for Olympics

I'm not a huge fan of the "Trends" section on Twitter that shows you the topics people are hashtagging and talking about, especially when the topics are #whyimissthe80s and crap like that. But.....I am kinda glad #FlyMeToLondon was a paid promotion since starting today until May 30 you can enter every day to be one of three people to win - two roundtrip tickets to London, accomodations, and tickets to the Olympic games.
If you hadn't guessed yet, I won't be swimming the English Channel this year as I had hoped. But I am still kinda longing to hop across the pond and see London either during or post-Olympics. If I win tickets, that's even better.
You can check out this site for details and I'm probably going to enter every day from now until May 30. Sure, I may be put on a few spam and mailing lists but I already am anyway. Along with tickets to London, others will win roundtrip domestic flights.
And, as for the English Channel swim, I still plan to do it but I guess I'll end up being 30 or older when I do. Maybe in another four years......but hopefully sooner.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Beer Truck Driver Arrested for DWI (ha)

This is a hilariously ironic story from right in Malta, NY....

MALTA — A beer delivery truck driver may have been dipping into his own stock before taking to the road Thursday, according to police.
According to New York State Police, Steven R. Halliday, 42, of Fonda was charged with driving a commercial vehicle while intoxicated, a misdemeanor, and a number of other traffic violations after he was pulled over on State Route 9 in Malta.
Police say they first received reports of the Bud Light truck driving erratically on the Northway Thursday afternoon and a trooper followed the vehicle off exit 12, where he was subsequently charged with DWI.
Halliday was released to a third party on an appearance ticket.

(kudos, Lucian for reporting on this gem)

Children Become Bored on Family Trips Within 30 Minutes

You can blame ADHD. You can blame our children's need for constant amusement. But in the end I think kids are kids and there will always be an "Are we there yet?" or "I have to pee" within five minutes of any family trip.

According to a recent TomTom poll of 5,000 moms across the world, children tend to get antsy just within the first 27 minutes of a trip. And, from what I can tell, it seems their attention span is only getting worse since just last year the figure was averaged at 31 minutes (this was reported in the UK).

Though the most up to date study says it really depends on the country.

An excerpt from today's story:
"...children in Australia get bored the quickest at 23 minutes while American children display a bit more patience, with boredom kicking in at 30 minutes. Children from New Zealand appear to be the most patient, and will tolerate up to 34 minutes before their patience wanes."

Makes you want to buy one of those vans equipped with two TVs, huh? Or, really, the good old license plate game or alphabet game or flag game always worked for myself and my siblings as kids. Well, for about 30 minutes anyway.

Monday, May 7, 2012

In other international news...

There's more turmoil in Greece. Something about their economy and political foundation crumbling.

Wait, weren't they kinda the birthplace of Democracy and main example for the start of our civilation? Hmmm....doesn't bode well for U.S.

Though, I think we'll be OK as long as we don't join something called the E.U....which shouldn't be a problem since we're not in Europe.

Grocery Stores Galore in the Capital District

This YNN story on the NYS Retail Council's site finally made me realize.....that I'm going to get soo fat from shopping at all the new shopping markets coming to the area.
ShopRite, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's. There's even grumblings of Wegman's (finally) coming to Saratoga Springs - something about a handshake pact between them and Price Chopper that is now void after the death of one of the gentlemen in the agreement.
And despite recent changes in their stores, pretty sure Hannaford is going to go the way of the A&Ps and Grand Unions that used to be in this area.
Price Chopper, however, I think will continue to flourish though they're taking precautions to make sure this is the case (ie the gas incentive going up from $50 to $100).
I'll admit, I went to the ShopRite when they opened in Niskayuna and it was pretty epic with great selection, good prices and friendly staff. I especially liked the electric car parking/re-fueling, even though I don't have an e-car.
I've heard really good things about both Whole Foods and Trader Joe's (not to be confused with Troy's Trader Ed's) but I've never been in them. I'll probably go once the hype settles down a bit and I still want to check out the new Albany ShopRite.
Maybe even Edward's and their cool cardboard boxes will come back to the area too.....if they're still around? (anyone know if they are?)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Play with Your Food

This looks like it could be fun next week....

An Evening of Dinner Theater in Cohoes
Back By Popular Demand.....
Cohoes – On Friday, May 11th at 6:00 PM , Harmony House Marketplace in collaboration with Starzyk Play Productions and Francesca’s Specialty Deli and Bakeshop will be offering an afternoon of live dinner theater. The event, which is entitled “Play with Your Food,” will consist of three short plays themed around about food, drink and romance. Attendees will enjoy a three-course meal inclusive of wine sampling while experiencing live theater.
The three plays are as follows:
"When Irish Eyes Are Flirting"
            A look at the age old dating ritual from inside an Irish Pub.
"Didn’t You See That?"
            What happens when a relationship ends? Let's take a look inside a restaurant and the minds of a couple that has split.
"Instant Harmony"
            When romance is turned over to the internet the results can be disastrous and comical.
The event will take place at Harmony House Marketplace, located at 184-190 Remsen Street in historic downtown Cohoes. The cost is $25 which includes the show, dinner and a wine sampling. Call Harmony House at (518) 238-2232 to make a reservation.

Half-Off Zoppe Circus Tickets and Proceeds go to Charity

There's two hours left of a super-silent auction on my Facebook wall for a Family 4-pack of tickets to the Zoppe Circus Aug. 9 at 7pm at Proctor's.
The tickets are worth $100 but bidding is currently at $40. All collected money from this will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Details are on my Facebook page.
Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor (I just watched Hunger Games last night so that saying keeps popping up in my head).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Tourism Tax on Visiting Small Italian Islands

The Italian government passed a law this week which calls for a $2 entry tax on all tourist visitors of small Italian islands.

I guess the commerce on the islands suffered a lot since the financial crash.

Two dollars isn't too bad. It's definitely worth a visit to this beautiful country and it's islands. But it is one more expense to add to the budget...

Here's more details from NBC.